Overnight Oatmeal

Jumping on the overnight oatmeal bandwagon was something I should have done far sooner! I was always that person that would opt to skip breakfast before forcing myself to eat something in a hurry. I never had an appetite when I first woke up and the hardest thing was finding the inspiration to put together a hasty meal that would keep me full until lunch. Consequently, I was always uncomfortably hungry by noon. Lunch was the first meal of my day, dinner my second, and a hefty bedtime snack rounded off the third meal.

That’s where overnight oatmeal comes in. Everyone was talking about it and my sister started making it. I figured I wasn’t much of an oatmeal person, but it couldn’t hurt to try. There isn’t anything quite like having your breakfast ready to grab in the morning, light and refreshing enough to consume in a hurry, and satiating enough to fill me up until lunch.


Everyone has their own take on this ingenious recipe, but here is my favourite way to make it!

  1. Fill a bowl with as much Presidents Choice Quick Oats as you intend to eat
  2. Pinch of cinnamon
  3. Pinch of chia seeds
  4. Two heaping scoops of vanilla yogurt
  5. Add skim milk until the preferred consistency of gooey and wet
  6. Frozen blueberries & raspberries (Or fresh! I freeze berries throughout the season for enjoying in the winter)
  7. Add whatever else sounds delicious! (I hear coconut and chopped nuts are fantastic alternatives!)

Easter Bunny Gift Ideas

Easter Bunny giftlist
Easter is quickly approaching! As we remember the importance of Easter, it is a food filled weekend spent with the ones closest to us. As kids, the best part of Easter was the Easter egg hunt and getting delicious treats from the Easter bunny. Now that I’m older, I crown myself the Easter bunny and make the trip to the store to buy a family sized bag of Cadbury mini eggs.
If you still get treats from the Easter bunny or are crowning yourself the bunny this year, take note of these fun Easter themed gifts that are the perfect accessory for the holiday!

Painting in Paris

Friday nights don’t have to be predictable, and staying in doesn’t have to equate to watching TV. Michelle and I began our night by checking out the local dollar store. I’m not sure if this one was exceptionally wonderful, or if I haven’t been in a dollar store lately, but I was blown away by one bargain after another! We scored some items for $1-3, which we would have paid $25 for at Michael’s. Our Parisian night consisted of painting abstract art, drinking cheap wine, and listening to 8tracks French playlists on a loop!




The breakdown:

Canvas – $3

Acrylic paints – $1 each

Brushes – I already had, but were available for $1.25 packages



The perfect pair of denim shorts

I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but I can’t wait to put the jeans away for good and bring out the shorts. Seeing the sun for once has got me dreaming of warmer days!
The summer wardrobe essential, the perfect pair of denim shorts! Completely versatile and looks great dressed down for a casual day around town, dressed up with flats for a pub night, or paired with a bikini for a chill day at the beach. Really, anything goes!
The ever versatile denim short
The breakdown:
Gestuz grey tank top – $73 CAD
Candela white crop top – $170 CAD
Converse sneaker – $115 CAD
Havaianas flip flops – $20 CAD

homemade caesar salad dressing

I love a good salad with a complimenting dressing. Caesar is one of my favourites, but often times store-bought salad dressing is too heavy for me. I was over at one of my close friend’s house and she was making salad with homemade caesar salad dressing. It was so delicious and light, and so simple to make. I got the recipe from her and the dressing has been my go-to choice ever since! This dressing is too good to keep for myself so I decided to post the recipe on how to make it! Vanessa and I made dinner together the other night and we were able to grab a few photos of the chicken rosemary caesar salad we made. The recipe for the dressing and salad are below.

Enjoy! Your taste buds will thank you 🙂

Homemade Caesar salad dressing

What you need:

1 Garlic clove
Lemon juice
Parmesan Cheese
Ground Pepper



Take 2 heaping spoonfuls of mayonnaise and put it in the bowl. squeeze a few drops of lemon, mince the garlic, and add Parmesan and pepper to taste. Blend together and voila! You can cater the dressing to your taste buds needs, I really like pepper and Parmesan so I usually add quite a bit of both.

For the salad
Cut up your favourite veggies, we used carrots and cucumbers

Cooking the chicken: Put some coconut oil on the frying pan. Season the chicken with paprika, rosemary, pepper, garlic powder, and oregano


Stir the salad dressing in and add the chicken and veggies. Sprinkle feta cheese on top of the salad for some extra flavour


And dig in! The salad is so full of flavour and so filling! We had some extra dressing so we dipped some carrots for an after-dinner snack. This dressing is also delicious as a dipping sauce for pizza!

Invite your friends over for a dinner party and impress them with this simple but delicious salad dressing.

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Healthy Asian Inspired Stirfry

I often find that creating a balance between a healthy and filling meal is a challenge. This asian inspired stir fry is my go to guilt-free meal when I need to make something fast before I’m out for the majority of the day. Almost all ingredients are from Trader Joe’s, a favourite for us Canadians that live near the American border.

Ingredients may vary, depending on your favourite veggies or whatever you have already, but here are my essentials:

– baby carrots

– mushrooms

– sweet onions

– snap peas

– red or yellow pepper

– firm tofu

– 1 egg


Diced peppers. I was never a huge fan of peppers, but there was something about bite sized fried peppers with sweet chili that had me hooked!


Everything but the egg and tofu sizzling away. Tip: Let the veggies fry so that they will be crisp, and avoid steaming with the lid on the frying pan.


Most importantly, the seasonings for flavour and rice noodles:

– sesame seeds

– sesame oil

– sweet chilli sauce (most important ingredient!)

– gyoza sauce

– sriracha sauce


The rice noodles only need to cook for 2 minutes in a pot of boiling water. Once your stir fry is finished, pop the noodles into the water. Once the noodles are drained and placed back in the pot, add a teaspoon of sweet chilli sauce and gyoza sauce and mix into the noodles. Spread onto plate.


Sit stir fry on top of the rice noodles. And don’t forget the sriracha to add some heat to the sweetness! And you’re done! A quick and delicious vegetable rich meal to keep you going all day!

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pillow pillow

pillow wishlist
I’m not going to lie, never in a million years did I think I would be a pillow person. But ever since living in my own home, all I can think about is home decor. I’ve spent hours looking on Pinterest for office, living room, and kitchen design ideas. I get so excited and want everything! Out of all the designs I search for though, pillows are my number one favourite thing to search for. Having a few pillows on the couch can light up a room and add some flavour in your life! Here are a few of the current pillows I’m itching to purchase, too bad we can’t have it all!
1. Kelly Wearstler plum throw pillow – kellywearstler.com
2. Deny designs home accessory – wayfair.com
3. Striped throw pillow – calypsostbarth.com
4. Unison gold home decor – unisonhome.com
5. White home decor – lampsplus.com
6. DwellStudio geometric throw pillow – abchome.com
7. Levtex gray throw pillow – nordstrom.com
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